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EMF ( NARDA SRM 3006 )

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EMF ( NARDA SRM 3006 )

The Narda SRM-3006 Selective Radiation Meter is the 2nd generation hand-held system for narroband analysis of electromagnetic fields, produced by Narda. Differentiating itself from the Narda NBM-520, NMB-550 and NBM-580 Broadband Radiation Field Meters, the SRM-3006 has the ability to give you the results of individual emitters and also generate a total of all emitters. The SRM-3006 allows you to verify compliance with the US FCC 5% Rule, as well as accurately detect fields well below domestic and international standards. The Narda SRM-3006 also has the ability to measure fields more accurately than broadband test equipment, and perhaps more importantly, it is able to give the user more information than just the total emissions; you will know precisely what emitter or emitters are generating the most power.

We Are Provide These Serivces :

EMF Broadband Testing

Exposure to high electromagnetic fields has become a concern due to potential health effects and interference issues with sensitive analytical and research equipment. The most common sources for high electromagnetic fields include proximity to power lines, transformers or appliances, flaws in the internal building's wiring system and stray currents on utility pipes. We conduct an EMF test, assess EMF levels and remediate the electromagnetic field exposures.


In the industry, our company is known for providing Telecom BTS installation. Our rendered services are highly valued by our customers for providing different features such as reliability, speed and cost-effectiveness. In addition, we only offer these facilities after understanding the exact specifications of our valued customers. We always provide successful and timely delivery of these services and lay particular emphasis on the satisfaction of customers.




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