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Network Planning Optimization(NPO)

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Network Planning Optimization(NPO)

We Are Provide These NPO Serivces :

RF Site Survey

Using the inputs provided by the nominal cell plan, the RF team performs.

    Surveys for each search ring in the network to identify the suitable candidates which can be used for building the sites. Candidates identified are ranked on basis of their RF suitability and other parameters such as structural stability, line of sight clearance(for Tx), accessibility, costs, etc. Drive testing may be carried out in some cases, to assess the RF suitability Once suitable candidate(s) is identified..acquisition begins

Each “search ring” will have

    Nominal site coordinates, Search radius and Specifications about antenna height requirements for each site, in order that the site objectives are reasonably achieved.

RF Site Survey/Drive Testing.

  • Acquisition of ideal candidate poses a real challenge to the network design process.
  • More often than not candidates which are lower on priority in terms of RF suitability are the ones which get acquired!!
  • Often due to acquisition constraints, search rings need to be modified and sometimes even the nominal plan needs to be changed.
  • Thus as an end result the network built is deviated from the one which was originally designed in the nominal plan.

Frequency Planning..

GSM works on a frequency reuse pattern.

  • As the sites get acquired and the build process starts, the RF planners prepare a ‘frequency plan’ for the network
  • Different techniques available for frequency plan – a) Fixed Plan, b) Hopping Plan – further divided into Baseband Hopping and Synthesized Frequency Hopping
  • RF Planners either manually or by the use of an AFP(Automatic Frequency Planner) create a frequency plan for the network..

Frequency Planning..

  • An optimal frequency is critical to ensure good RF performance of the network.
  • Spectral challenges
    • Limited band allocation
    • Fast growth rate of subscribers/ traffic growth
    • Tighter reuse patterns

RF Optimization/Parametric Optimization.

  • During the network build initial RF optimization is done, to ensure that the sites built are reasonably meeting their objectives.
  • During the network build phase it is also ensured that optimal parameter settings are done for all sites to ensure good performance
  • Detailed explanation of the above to follow!!

In Building Solutions.

  • IBS is required in places where indoor coverage requirement is critical and the possibility of providing coverage from outdoor sites is not practicable.
  • Usually implemented for places like corporate offices, hotels, hospitals, shopping complexes, etc., where both coverage and capacity is essential.
  • IBS implementations may consist of
    • Repeaters – Low cost solution for covering a small area with less traffic
    • Microcells/Macrocells – Separate BTS sites which can be a single carrier ‘microcell’ or a multi carrier ‘macrocell’, implemented in places where larger area needs to be covered and has higher traffic requirement.


  • Benchmarking is done for having a comparison of own network with competitor’s network in terms of coverage/voice quality.
  • Benchmarking is also done for comparing own network’s performance against certain set KPIs or previously achieved performance targets.
  • For coverage/quality benchmarking could be done using regular drive test and post processing tools like TEMS and DESKCAT
  • Network Operator/OEM vendor usually subcontracts this activity to a 3rd party, in order to derive unbiased results from the exercise

Minimum Roll-out Obligations

When an operator gets operating licence for a particular frequency band, e.g. 1800 MHz band then that operator has to comply Minimum Roll-out Obligations.
The License owner shall make its own arrangements for all infrastructures involved in rolling out of the network and shall be solely responsible for installation, networking and operation of necessary equipment and systems.




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